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2020.11.11 11.17



ѱ ڽ ҿ dz ִ. ϳ ž پ ⵵ ְ, ·ο θ ϸ ִ. ϰ ž , ׷ ұϰ ٶ ӿ ִ ž ִ.

ž ϳ ÷´ٸ ?

츮 ϴ ͵ ִ. װ ¼ ٸ ̿ , ٸ ִ.  ̿Դ װ ̷ , ٸ ̿Դ ưų ̷ 𸥴. ų, Ǵ ͵ ޸ ȴ.

ϴ°? ϴ ΰ, ƴϸ ̷ ΰ? ݲ ϴ ̷°? ؼ ׾ Դ°?


츮 ױ ٶ°?


There is a Korean custom in which one prays while creating a pile of small stones. One stone stack contains many wishes, and the stacks often appear precarious though they are balanced through the support of each stone. Some stone stacks fall out of balance, while others stand firm despite the wind and rain.

If you were in front of a stone stack and a had a stone to make a wish, what would it be?

We each have a hope in our hearts. Our hopes may be similar to others, or they may be very different. For some, their wishes may be easy to achieve, for others it may be difficult or even impossible. Hopes may be easily thrown away or may be kept for a long time.

What do I hope for? Will I throw away my hopes or keep them? Have I achieved what I hope for? Do I keep piling up hope?


Do we want to keep piling up hope? 

 2020 11, ۰Ʈ 

 Artbit Gallery